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Unique Ideas for Senior Portraits

I was excited to have my senior portraits done. After all, these would pictures my mother would hang in her home for years to come and these pictures would help commemorate a huge accomplishment in my life. However, after meeting with a few photographers, my excitement faded. Many of the photographers offered up pictures and poses that have been repeated by other seniors over the past decade. I wanted something unique, and I was having a hard time finding it. After a lot of research, I finally came up with unique ideas for senior portraits. I started this website to share my unique ideas, hoping to help other high school seniors who want their pictures to be a reflection of their individuality and uniqueness.


Concession Trailer Equipment Every New Owner Must Have

Let's say you've had success with a small concession stand and have saved enough money to purchase a trailer. What then? Operating a trailer is a huge responsibility, and the kind of equipment you choose to stock your trailer with play no small part in how smoothly your operation is run. Even smaller organizational and sanitary supplies are important to a large operation. Check out the different kinds of must-have equipment below to get a better sense of what is available to the mobile entrepreneur looking to make the most of their new concession trailer.

Major Equipment

Even if you are planning to sell something as simple as a hot dog, there's a lot of equipment that can make your operation cleaner, safer and more efficient. Most trailer owners with sufficient space will need to purchase a hot dog steamer, rolling grill or broiler. A bun warmer can help keep your bread fresh, while make-up trays allow for the preparation of multiple hot dogs at once. If popcorn is your thing, you'll need a popcorn maker, several scoops, a hot butter dispenser and a merchandising cabinet. Make it a priority to buy and test the major equipment before anything else.


If you can't keep your operation organized and running smoothly, it doesn't matter how big your trailer is or how good a reputation your product enjoys. Think about purchasing supplies that improve organization and facilitate both employee and consumer needs. Lid and cup dispensers, condiment packet holders, straw and toothpick dispensers, napkin holders--all of these things may seem insignificant, but they go a long way toward improving appearance, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Minor Supplies

Once you've purchased major equipment and organizational supplies, it's time to think about all the little stuff that might go unnoticed at first, but is absolutely essential. Things like spatulas, dredges, napkins, gloves and even sneeze guards might all be necessary purchases. Much of this stuff will of course be dependent on the kind of product you're selling. If you're operating a smaller trailer that specializes in candied apples for example, you'll need to purchase caramels and glazes, as well as preparation and serving supplies. Even with something as simple as ice cream sticks, you'll need to decide on the appropriate size, wood type and volume of your purchase. After all, attention to detail is a key to success in any nascent venture. Talk to experts like CS Techs Inc for more information.