Unique Ideas for Senior PortraitsUnique Ideas for Senior Portraits

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Unique Ideas for Senior Portraits

I was excited to have my senior portraits done. After all, these would pictures my mother would hang in her home for years to come and these pictures would help commemorate a huge accomplishment in my life. However, after meeting with a few photographers, my excitement faded. Many of the photographers offered up pictures and poses that have been repeated by other seniors over the past decade. I wanted something unique, and I was having a hard time finding it. After a lot of research, I finally came up with unique ideas for senior portraits. I started this website to share my unique ideas, hoping to help other high school seniors who want their pictures to be a reflection of their individuality and uniqueness.


Learn How To Care For an Embroidered T-Shirt

After you purchase an embroidered T-shirt, caring for it the proper way will prevent pieces of embroidery thread from fraying and therefore lengthen your garment's life. The following tips will teach you how to care for your shirt so that it continues to look great for many wearings to come.

Wash In Cold Water With Similar Items

Hand washing embroidered items is your best option and will reduce the risk of damage. If you do not have the time to hand wash your shirt, you can still place it into a washing machine as long as you take the proper precautions. Turn the T-shirt inside out so that the embroidered design is safely protected during the wash cycle. Adjust the setting on your washing machine to the gentlest one.

Add mild detergent and wash the shirt with other pieces of clothing that are the same color. Avoid washing garments with zippers or buttons with the embroidered shirt because they can catch on the stitching and cause damage.

Air Dry On A Flat Surface

Lay your shirt on a table or another flat surface that has been covered with a towel. Open a window or set up a fan near the shirt so that there is plenty of ventilation to help speed up the drying process. Avoid using a clothes dryer because it can damage the thread that has been used to create the embroidered design. A dryer can also cause your shirt to shrink. Do not hang your shirt up while it is drying because the wetness of the material will put strain on parts of the shirt and cause them to become misshapen.

Press With Care

If your shirt is wrinkled after it has dried, use an iron that has been adjusted to a low setting. Avoid using the steam feature on the iron because it can damage the threads and leave unsightly marks on the shirt. To keep your shirt further protected, place a cloth over the fabric before pressing it. Hold the iron over the cloth for several seconds before moving it to another part of the shirt. After all of the wrinkles have been removed, place the shirt on a plastic hanger and put it away in your closet until you are ready to wear it.

Being vigilant each time that you launder or dry your shirt will provide you with positive results. Your embroidered T-shirt will continue to enhance your wardrobe and you can wear it with pride. To find an embroidered T-shirt, contact a company such as Mountain Screen Impressions, Inc.