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Unique Ideas for Senior Portraits

I was excited to have my senior portraits done. After all, these would pictures my mother would hang in her home for years to come and these pictures would help commemorate a huge accomplishment in my life. However, after meeting with a few photographers, my excitement faded. Many of the photographers offered up pictures and poses that have been repeated by other seniors over the past decade. I wanted something unique, and I was having a hard time finding it. After a lot of research, I finally came up with unique ideas for senior portraits. I started this website to share my unique ideas, hoping to help other high school seniors who want their pictures to be a reflection of their individuality and uniqueness.


How Does Same Day Delivery Work?

Patience is something that consumers don't have much of these days.  Many people choose to shop online, for everything from groceries to kitchen cabinets.  A person can purchase virtually anything from the comfort of their couch.  Now that consumers are used to the luxury of buying online, they have become impatient.  Waiting four to six weeks for a product isn't sufficient.  Many online retailers have made their standard shipping closer to one-two weeks, and allow the consumer the option to pay more to receive it even faster.   Several well-know companies (and some small, start-up companies) have expanded on this speedy shipping, making it possible to get your items within the day!

How does this work?

How on earth can a person order something online and have it delivered to them the same day?  Well, there is a trick to this.  The fact is, this service is only available in certain cities.  Each company that offers the service has a different type of method. 

By using mega warehouses

The online retailer who started this whole same day delivery service happens to have large mega warehouses in certain cities.  Currently, these cities are the only ones that qualify for same day delivery from this company.  Through the use of these warehouses, many products are available for delivery in the area.  This company has developed relationships with local delivery services in order to "ship" the items to the location the same day. 

This method does not utilize any other retailer or brick and mortar store, and is seen in direct competition with these stores.

By using local employees

One online retailer who followed suit has a different strategy.  Rather than compete with local stores, they utilize local retailers!  This company hires local employees that actually go out to do the shopping for the consumer.  They then deliver the item to the door.  In a sense, they act as a liaison with local retailers and provide a delivery service. 

Currently, this service is very limited.   You can only receive it in three major cities.  Many of the smaller start-up companies use a method along these lines. 

What does the future hold?

Currently, it is unknown whether the cost to provide these services will be worth it.  Since the two major companies offering the service are major online retailers, they are likely driving the regular purchases on their website up.  This will benefit them in the long run, even if they lose a little in same day delivery.

For same day delivery services, contact professionals, such as On Time Delivery Service.